About Choco Coffee

Choco Coffee continues the spirit of Condor Chocolates, honoring our family heritage by showcasing specialty Ecuadorian coffee. Working directly with our community partners, we select the finest coffee beans in Ecuador and roast them in Athens, GA.

Though our name may at first remind you of our sister business Condor Chocolates, Choco (pronounced CHO-KO) Coffee is named for the stunning Choco cloud forest in Ecuador and the colorful toucan that makes that rainforest its home.

Even though our coffee is all sourced from Ecuador, it offers endless variety and flavors depending on growing elevation, coffee varietal, and processing technique.  

Embracing this diversity Ecuadorian specialty coffee has to offer, our goal is to showcase this in a variety of unique roasts to appeal to all different tastes. Choco coffee is for everyone.  

Grown in Ecuador, Roasted in Athens, Easy and Delicious wherever you enjoy it!

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